Simpli NEWS is an application to help news reporter enhancing their efficiency by increasing the speed of transmitting news or other media such as image, video, clips and text to editor for editing and prepare to publish. The faster news can be published the better and this is our solution specially design to all media channels. The system divides operation into 2 main parts: the sender and receiver by using a special form of data transmission to connect. Simpli NEWS supported via the web browser of your computer and application in smartphone.

Live news from the scenes.

When incident happens, reporter can send data to the station without delay.  Whether it's photos, headlines, news, or even video clips via the web browser from your computer, notebook or smartphone. While submitting news to the channel, reporter can be confident that the submitted news reach the editor without fail whether the file is large or small.  With our integrated technology, we can ensure the smooth transferring even the time of signal lost or bad network.

Images and sounds come together.

The submission of large files can be tedious and troublesome.  With Simpli News, we ensure the ease of use and the syncronization between the clips, image and sound. Our mechanism ensure the smooth delivery with different media content under the same screen.  The searching can be done with #hashtag functions to search for related news for editing purpose.

The whole world is your news station.

No matter when or where, as long as internet access is provided, news can be sent to station without fail.  The system will guarantee top speed data transmission rate to help ensure our customer satisfaction and experience.  Even when the line drop, application will recognize and wait until the connection is established then the transmission resumed.

Management reporters full freedom.

The streamlined to use smartphone to send reported news in various forms it helps  news station to manage the story submit by “Stringer”, news freelancer  While stringer send data to editor, the preview is set for editor to view even the transmission is not yet 100% completed.

Choose up-to-date the news.

When various types of news were sent to news station, it is the duty of editors to select the photo, content, and video clips to broadcast. This system will design screen to facilitate in searching for the news and other relevant will be displayed in the same screen to preview data before it is selected to produce the news for next broadcast.